FACETASM – Super-citizen of the world

Multicolored, multigenre, multicultural… Facetasm turns Fall/Winter 2017 into a season inspired by an absolute diversity, from cuts, to designs, to styling. Titled « Good Morning », the unisex and oversize collection opens the doors of a new world whenever, wherever, universal.

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Since founding Facetasm in 2007, Hirochimi Ochiai has worked with patterning, deconstructing the basis, getting inspired by the 90s of his teenage years, made of skateboarding and hip hop subcultures. When questioned about his birth place, Tokyo, he evokes its cold buildings, and the heat given off by the setting sun.

Hiromichi Ochiai’s silhouettes fall outside of all known categories. The patterns, cuts and materials collide and create rich and various mosaics, sometimes contradictory, always complementary. His windbreaker synthetic fabric meets with the thick knitted wool of a sweater, nonchalantly falling over velvet pants. In a new and unexpected spin, Facetasm turns a kaki bomber jacket into a pair of pants, complete with front zippers that unveil the orange lining.


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While « Good Morning » certainly does have a more streetwear vibe than previous collections, it also includes more formal designs, such as this cross-buttoned jacket mixed with a pajama, worn over a silk dress, or this football jacket that goes eskimo-style with fur top and pants. Tartan checkers take on an oriental draped silhouette. Day meets night, inside plays out, and traditional takes the high and modern road..

Facetasm_FallWinter2017 Leclaireur

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In Facetasm’s vernacular, « Good Morning » means « welcome to this new world ». A world made of hybrid inspirations, sharing and creativity.

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