FaceHunter on the loose

FaceHunter’s true calling came in early and took him on a quest to explore, not just the world, but the many worlds our world is made of. Along the way, the photographer made it a habit to seek the most charismatic individuals, peering at them through his own personal looking-glass. The adventure – that began in 2006 – managed to maintain itself in a viable and exciting way, sharing his found treasures online with an avid audience.

Passing through Paris, the urban globe-trotter took a stroll into Violette Stehli’s visual universe, as a new way of exploring yet another dimension, a stop-motion version of reality, filled with creation, imagination, and new friends.

The unexpected expedition takes us straight to LECLAIREUR Boissy d’Anglas to meet with Rick Owens, Marsell and Lanvin, Fornasetti and… Sophie Treme, to name a few.

Yvan Rodic inherently knows how to capture a moment, and the unique features of a stranger. Clothes, like sparks igniting creative minds, only serve as the illustration to an instant, a situation. Leaving behind him the shores of Lake Leman, where he grew up, to join the exhilarating fashion weeks where he now officiates, Rodic was – almost unknowingly – helmed as one of the fathers of street-style photography.

Forget the fast burning it-fashionistas(os)! FaceHunter happily scoops the world’s most unique oysters, ready to capture at any moment the extraordinary. Freed from pressure, brushing off any fashion police criteria with shrugging shoulders, the boys, the girls, the boys and girls cheerfully give in to his authentic and deeply human eye.