Ellery — And the south wind blew north

Kym Ellery, a Perth native with a vision, far from clichés and postcard images, might as well be Australia’s new ambassador. Like wind on the beach, she brings her ruffled sensibility on 70’s menswear-infused tunics, minimalist dresses and jabot blouses from one coast to another, all emerging in a black and white collection. Femininity projects far from the body into straight shapes of smooth and innovative fabric produced in Switzerland and Italy.

This is what defines Ellery in the eye of LECLAIREUR — a strong sense of style, a great balance between masculinity and femininity, and above all a new face in the world of fashion that successfully mixes unexpected influences. Aesthetically, the designs bring to mind a Lanvin collection taken over by Alexander Wang, mixing bold finishings with exceptional emphasis on cut. No wonder her notoriety keeps on growing at light speed! In 2013 hers was the third Australian brand in history to be invited to the Paris Fashion Week. The newcomer has become a highly up and coming it-brand worn by celebrities like style icon Cate Blanchett and risk-taker Solange Knowles.

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