KITA — Elemental, my dear Chiara.

For the first time in its history, LECLAIREUR is offering a cosmetic product for sale. KITA Serum’s approach to skincare is unique, an experience in itself, and worth the exception.


What might be your skin’s inclination, at its essence? Is it the stable salt of the earth, the tree shooting for the sky, the joy of fire within, the resistant drive of metal, the receptive depth of water…? Leave it to Chiara Vania, an heiress to a long dynasty of experts in aesthetic medicine and facial acupuncture. She knows a lot about your skin, and she’s got us convinced that what you need is in her new KITA Serum, an avant-garde luxury skincare product that combines elements of modern medicine with the ancient philosophy of the Five Elements. The philosophy represents the concept of perfect equilibrium. And, especially today, isn’t that exactly what we and our skin demand?

“When it comes to your skin”, the founder explains, “your element is determined by your gender and your date of birth. We start with the element of the individual instead of the skin type.”

Each serum is based on one element, contains nurturing minerals and finely ground precious stones, while sharing a common, proprietary formula comprised of active agents, antioxidants and revitalisers called the “Life Infusion Sequence”.

“The idea is that gemstones also work on the energy flow and balance of the mind. Each gem stone has a specific benefit. The sapphire is a tension releaser and has a calming effect. The ruby detoxifies the blood and energises cells”, Chiara explains.


The yield : an ultra-hydrating, resonant serum that works on multiple levels to infuse your skin with vitality, radiance and harmony, based on the element that corresponds uniquely to You. Contained within a compact 50ml cylinder, KITA Serum was built to travel. It can be used in conjunction with other products but does wonders on its own.

Visit our Sévigné, Boissy d’Anglas or Royal Monceau stores to define your element and experience the serum for yourself.

KITA SERUM, exclusively available in France at LECLAIREUR Boissy, Royal and Sévigné.