Tutti Frutti

Summer is knocking at our door, and as usual, most of us are ungratefully already letting our minds stray… Dreamy, exotic destinations, prophesying foreign aromas, intense colors and bundles of sun. Yes, bundles. Too busy to dream? Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, we’ll bring you the world on a flying carpet.


Gucci Jacket, Undercover Shirt, Rick Owens Top, Grace Wales Bonner Pants, Silvano Sassetti Shoes, Jacques Marie Mage Sunglasses

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From Europe to India, from North America to Oceania, from Papua New Guinea and back to Paris, we bring you the kind of sacred icons that are bound to inspire you, no prayer needed.

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Undercover Shirt, Julius T-Shirt, Undercover Pants, Silvano Sassetti Shoes

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Here, a festive Gucci jacket meets with Grace Wales Bonner’s rigorous lines…
There, morning has broken and the sun glows over Undercover.
Jacques Marie Mage’s shades are prim and on the hills of Hollywood.

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Lanvin Shoes


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Grace Wales Bonner Jacket, Dries Van Noten Pants, Dries Van Noten Shirt, Saint Laurent Shoes

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Julius Top, Comme des Garçons Top


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She wears Uma Wang Coat, Marni Skirt, Lanvin Shoes
He wears Jacques Marie Mage Sunglasses, Haider Ackermann Shirt, Mihara Yasuhiro Pants, Silvano Sassetti Shoes

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Now and then, a fresh pick of new fruits and memories like tokens of our never-ending adventures. Heatwaves hold no power over our new consecrated couple: their playful spirit is sustained by bursts of colors and fruits, by layered nationalities and influences, across borders. Britain over Spain over Italia over Belgium over France over… What borders?!

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Horisaki Hat, Wales Bonner Jacket, Comme des Garçons Top, Mihara Yasuhiro Pants

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Let’s celebrate. With Yves Saint Laurent, who was in love with Morocco. With Mihara Yasuhiro, who welcomed the influences of European artistic movements. With Grace Wales Bonner as she displays (deploys?) Caribbean and Pan-African hints within her collection. With Dries Van Noten and Haider Ackermann, both widely known to draw their inspirations from every corner of our generous planet.

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Balenciaga Dress, Dries Van Noten Skirt


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Dries Van Noten Shirt, Grace Wales Bonner Sweater, Ellery Pants, Saint Laurent Shoes

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Let your hair down, slip into something comfortable, embrace the summer and dabble in a splash of guilt-free, well-deserved self indulgence.

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Photographer: Bruno Rizzato
Hair & Make Up: Sefedine Allaoua
Models: Tsubasa (@MMANAGEMENT) and Kearvina