The Return of the Spaceboy’s Return

See the line where the red sky hits arid lands? Feel the unforgiving winds of change?
See the lifted edges of a Kijima Takayuki hat?
A new world to explore.


Kijima Takayuki Hat, Craig Green Shirt, Dries Van Noten Jacket, Denim Jacket Junya Watanabe


spacecowboy-12 Leclaireur

spacecowboy-13 Leclaireur

G-Star Raw Research Denim Trousers

A walk through endless desert, a Dries Van Noten denim jacket resting on a shoulder, the rolled-up sleeves of a Craig Green shirt.
The sienna ground. The warm sand.
Two worlds collide.

spacecowboy-14 Leclaireur

Craig Green Coat, Dries Van Noten Shirt, Junya Watanabe Pants, Lanvin Shoes

spacecowboy-16 Leclaireur

Elena Dawson Jacket

spacecowboy-17 Leclaireur

Dries Van Noten Shirt

spacecowboy-18 Leclaireur

Matsuda Sunglasses

A solitary stranger, a fearless explorer, protected by a Van Noten shirt, cotton Watanabe trousers, and a Juun J bomber jacket.
Genderless at times. Free.

spacecowboy-19 Leclaireur

Juun J Bomber Jacket, Mihara Yasuhiro Shirt, Bruno Bordese Shoes

spacecowboy-110 Leclaireur

spacecowboy-111 Leclaireur

A copper sky, drops of stardust, a silver rain shower, Bruno Bordese shoes, a black wool and sheer polyurethane Comme des Garçons coat.

spacecowboy-112 Leclaireur

Comme des Garçons Coat, Undercover T-Shirt

spacecowboy-114 Leclaireur

spacecowboy-115 Leclaireur


Yang Li Coat

spacecowboy-117 Leclaireur

spacecowboy-118 Leclaireur




Moohong shorts, a Juun J sweater, hood over head over heels, racing towards the infinite.
So far so close, and on.
Straight forward.

spacecowboy-121 Leclaireur

Juun J Sweater, Moohong Shorts

spacecowboy-122 Leclaireur

Photographer : Bruno Rizzato for Leclaireur
Model : Robin Migné
Hair & Make-up : Vitor Lobo