Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Dada

“I demand a new world!” shouts the Dada man.
2017 has come, and his very thoughts point towards what might become of tomorrow.

Leclaireur edito dada3
Coat Rick Owens, Shirt Rick Owens, Boots The Last Conspiracy, Shirt Ann Demeulemeester

Willing and free, in his dropped shoulders cardigan by Avant Toi, open to a new land of possibilities, in harmony with his environment, with others, and with himself.Leclaireur edito dada

Cardigan Avant Toi

An abstract daydreamer, a refined philosopher in the fluffy dandyish Uma Wang coat that sets him apart from his kind, as he dedicates his life to the chase of an ideal.

Leclaireur edito dada9

Coat Uma Wang, Shirt Uma Wang, Jacket Uma Wang, Shirt Uma Wang

Dressed in Yang Li, toying with conventions and with elegant humor, a prankster spirit fleeing the daily absurd, at the dawn of a return to essential values: love, friendship, fraternity and compassion.

Leclaireur edito dada8

Coat Uma Wang, Shirt Uma Wang, Jacket Yang Li, Pants Yang Li, Boots Ann Demeulemeester


Calling upon a borderless landscape, in between Earth and skies above, a shirt by Neil Barrett on his shoulders, staring at everything others can’t see.Leclaireur edito dada a

Shirt Neil Barrett

An architect for change, opening new horizons with his thoughts only. Shaping his will, giving it substance, anchoring it in reality.

Leclaireur edito dada5

Jacket Rick Owens, Sweater Lost&Found, Pants Lost&Found, Shoes Lanvin, Suit Lanvin, Sweater Lanvin, Sneakers Lanvin

“A new world, indeed” says the Dada man.

Leclaireur edito dada b

Glasses Hakusan, Coat Neil Barrett, Jacket Ann Demeulemeester, Shirt Lanvin

Leclaireur edito dada10

Jackets Uma Wang

Leclaireur edito dada

Blazer Thom Browne, Shirt Thom Browne, Pants and shoes Thom Browne

Leclaireur edito dada4

Shirt Valentino, Pants Ann Demeulemeester, Coat Barbara Alan, T-Shirt Barbara Alan, Pants

Leclaireur edito dada c

Sweater Lanvin, Shirt Neil Barrett