Bohemian Rhapsody

In the foggy streets of November we wander, plunging into an edito that bears a strong English accent, and that comes inspired by the inter-war period, the feel of secret and vaporous salons, and a bad-boy touch only found in certain neighborhoods.

Edito Bilal2 Leclaireur

Edito Bilal8 copie

Paul Harnden Robe, Paul Harnden Pajamas, Kijima Takayuki Hat, Marsell Boots, Alexander McQueen Umbrella

Edito Bilal16 Leclaireur


The Asian dragons sewn all over a By Walid jacket meet the patterns of a Christopher Nemeth shirt, like a distant dream conjured up somewhere between a clandestine Shanghai, back in the days when Britain held concessions in the Chinese city, and Wong Kar Wai’s unfulfilled romantic desires, circa In the Mood for Love.

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Edito Bilal18 Leclaireur

By Walid Jacket, Cedric Jacquemyn Jacket, Christopher Nemeth Shirt, Cedric Jacquemyn Pants, Marsell Boots, Kijima Takayuki Hat

Edito Bilal10 Leclaireur

Christopher Nemeth Shirt, Geoffrey B. Small Pants, Junya Watanabe Hat

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A Yamamoto shirt, a Paul Harnden robe or a Geoffrey B. Small pants are timeless creations, like many bridges linking two eras, two worlds.

Edito Bilal19 Leclaireur

Yohji Yamamoto Shirt, Yohji Yamamoto Pants, Kijima Takayuki Hat


Shoes tend to say a lot about their wearer. A lonely poet, a dandy, a gangster of sorts, a bit of each, perhaps? Leave it to boots by Marsell and Guidi to lift the veil on who you really might be.
And a coat by Elena Dawson or Dries Van Noten will look quite simply fabulous with that Alexander McQueen umbrella, darling, which may be just what you need to maintain the aura of mystery your silhouette deserves. Enough said.

Edito Bilal14 Leclaireur

Edito Bilal9 Leclaireur

Elena Dawson Coat, Dries Van Noten Waistcoat, Yohji Yamamoto Shirt, Elena Dawson Pants, Guidi Boots


Let’s run off… no, let’s take off, on the edge, away from everything, out of sight, out of time.

Edito Bilal11 Leclaireur

Edito Bilal13 Leclaireur

Dries Van Noten Coat, Yohji Yamamoto Shirt, Yohji Yamamoto Pants, Kijima Takayuki Hat

Photographer: Bruno Rizzato
MakeUp: Sefedine Allaoua
Model: Bilal (@Rockmen)