DEEPTI – “The Suicide Vest : A Powerful Frailty”

For the next few days, LECLAIREUR Hérold will be hosting Crash Glass Suicide Vest, a broken glass art installation, thought and designed by German artist Deepti Barth. Carol Christian Poell’s former assistant (2005-2012), and now a designer in her own right, questions such notions as beauty, power and fragility, and responds with technical and artistic poise, emphasized by Christian Michel’s elegant prose.

DEEPTI 016-017 Installation_d

                                          The Suicide Vest : A Powerful Frailty

”        Technical challenge that turns a rigid material into a fabric which follows the three-dimensional forms of the human body, the Suicide Vest is a contradictory object associating antagonistic qualities: thick and stiff like a shield, it threatens to wound the wearer; continuous surface, it is broken by cracks; revealing the nudity, it forbids embrace: suicide runs the risk to reverse itself in murder.
The Suicide Vest is not so much a contradictory object than a paradox in actuality: a powerful frailty.          

Text by Christian Michel





Crash Glass Suicide Vest is an ephemeral art installation, generating a full range of emotions you’re invited to experience yourself at LECLAIREUR Hérold, between now and early July.