Classic Training

You’ve met such people. Exhilarating, fascinating, moved by an untamable fire, hungry for life.
You’ve seen such places. Deliriously huge and empty, yet alive with the inspiration and power filling up the air all around.
Such people in such places can create such small miracles.

For the sake of photographer extraordinaire Julien Benhamou, LECLAIREUR made it happen: the perfect mix between the “what was” and the “what is”, flirting with the “what might be”.

Jumps, flips, tricks. Dancing, like photography, entails technique, precision and hard work, all familiar notions to SHIGOTO, Issey Miyake, Y3, LECLAIREUR x Toray, The Viridi-Anne…

Picture a dancer. Not just any dancer: Opéra prodigy François Alu. Benhamou and the 22 year-old genius have a lasting friendship. Given the awe-inducing space of Montreuil’s Chaudronneries, sparks were meant to be, fusing ballet with hip-hop. Together, they defy gravity.

The unstoppable beat of a work of art coming to life, exuding years of tradition and discipline: everything came together that day, lining up like gear in motion.

To learn more about François Alu, his work, his influences, check out his interview and, added bonus, the playlist he chose for LECLAIREUR.


Sweatshirt: Shigoto
Sarouel: Julius
Sneakers: Artselab


T-Shirt: Shigoto
Pants: LECLAIREUR x Toray

DSC_2877 copie

Jacket: Anrealage
Pants: LECLAIREUR x Toray


Bag: The Viridi-anne
Pants: LECLAIREUR x Toray
Sneakers: Y-3


Pants: Issey Miyake
Sneakers: Y-3



Hoodie: Shigoto
Sarouel: Julius
Sneakers: Artselab


Hoodie: Issey Miyake
Sarouel: Julius
Sneakers: Artselab

Creative Direction: Julien Benhamou & LA FRENCHY (Mary-Noelle Dana, Michael Hadida) for LECLAIREUR
Photographer: Julien Benhamou
Video: Frederic De Pontcharra
Dancer: François Alu
Hair & Make-up: Lola Herbiniere Seve
Photographer’s first assistant: Mohamed Ali Ghouayel
Second assistant: Raphael Lucas
Music: Aysam Rahmania