A very Champs Elysées Christmas – Gentlemen, start your engines.

Time to get wild… ready to honor the adventurer in you? Leclaireur Champs-Elysées is your next stop. Before taking the world by storm, sprawl in a welcoming club sofa. We’ve got you covered.


Exotic skins will make you growl and purr. Get ferocious with the Cornelian Taurus backpack and clutch or try a pair of our exclusive Agnelle gloves created in collaboration with Leclaireur.


Ride your way into the Danger Zone, with a Tecknomonster bulletproof suitcase. Nothing can stop you.


Need to shield your precious eyes, too? Jacques Marie Mage and Thom Browne will be delighted to help.


Philippe Starck’s first take at fragrance is a ticket to unexplored destinations: travel through perception, time and space.

Still looking for the perfect present, looking for that special something beyond the above? We’ve selected pieces from Thom Browne, Rick Owens and Saint Laurent’s collections, the new and exclusive Both rubber sneakers, raw and sharp jewelry by Tobias Wistisen and the perfect winter scarves by Faliero Sarti and Suzusan. At an arm’s length, 26 avenue des Champs-Elysées.

“We choose pieces for men on the go. Our wish list is very male-oriented, with essential pieces, the kind that travel easily. It represents our customers and their ambitions, as well as their taste for beautiful objects.”  – Zachariah, Leclaireur Champs Elysées