THE CHADWICK OVEN – The heat is on

We say summer, you say ice cream, we say… pizza! We’ve all had dreams of homemade, fresh, healthy and creative pizza. Enter the Chadwick Oven, a portable and spectacular device.

The at-home and kitchen-friendly stove was created by designer Daniel Chadwick and engineer Guy Adams and includes a porous stone base which allows the heat to flow. The ovoid object lets you cook an individual-sized pizza – or flat bread, or naan, or focaccia, why limit yourself – in a matter of minutes. We kid you not.


Let your gorgeous oven preheat for 10 minutes on a gas burner – or use the adapter if electricity is in the air. The oven comes with a stainless steel paddle that’ll awaken the Italian chef in you, which you’ll use to swiftly slide in and drop your pizza.

Wait three minutes. Bam! It’s pizza time.

Looking for more information on this eco-friendly and timesaving oven – created by Chadwick for a friend hook on Italian food? Click here, and discover our Made in Leclaireur recipes. In the meantime, an olive oil and garlic base, topped with parmesan cheese, roasted tomatoes, fresh asparagus and pine nuts should get your started.

Chadwick Oven rendering 2

The Chadwick Over is available for the taking, at Leclaireur Herold and Boissy d’Anglas.