BOTH – A Foot Into Art

Why choose, when what you really want is… to have it all? That’s the question, isn’t it? Enter BOTH, with the answer, in the shape of classic sneakers, complete with just the right twist. The Parisian-based label achieves a mastered balance between original and utilitarian turning your feet into daily works of art.both-leclaireur-1

BOTH sneakers collection at LECLAIREUR

From lo-tops to hi-tops, BOTH shoes come infused with a classical Converse inspiration, yet step out of the crowd with true innovative spirit.
Here, rubber grows from the sole and up the shoe’s body, creating edgy fashion trompe-l’oeils. And, as if created by agile artists, they sculpt themselves around the wearer’s foot, with the refined illusion of a shoe almost carved out of marble.both-leclaireur-2

The trick is in the right mix of natural materials – from rubber to veal or horse leathers – and modern technologies, supported by thirty years spent working in the rubber industry. The dynamic sneaker takes a definite step into modernity, away from time’s hold. Thought like the sturdiest of Formula 1 wheels, they turn every step into a performance, and will have you taking the streets by storm with the vivacity of a race car. both-leclaireur-3

BOTH shoes collection is available at LECLAIREUR.