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Since 1981, LECLAIREUR has been bringing the avant garde to a larger public, prominently integrating furniture and object design with fashion and art throughout our retail spaces.
Offering this mix in equally modern, highly curated and inventive environments over the decades has solidified our passion for the work, and for the designers and craftspeople behind the work. Forever engaging, refining, innovating, and bringing these powerful design voices into our spaces as partners, we are committed to pushing boundaries and furthering aesthetics to influence what is widely perceived today as luxury design.

This week and thereafter, we are thrilled to put the spotlight on this essential ingredient of our global vision, to bring our design partners and protégés to PAD, and beyond.




Vases and flasks in the form of heads have been crafted and enjoyed throughout history, dating back to ancient Greece and the era’s terracotta oenochoe. Hugh Findletar, Jamaican born and Murano trained, has brought his own voice to these reincarnations, through the creation of Flowerheadz. Beyond a vase, Findletar’s work, and the faces on his numerous creations, hold the adoration of style’s most discerning gazes. These Murano glass Flowerheadz are an ideal gift that can be made to order, like a portrait. For PAD, Findletar has created a new series of Flowerheadz that continue to evoke delight, while staying true to the precious materials and rare skills required for their fabrication.

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Producing ceramic works of design since 1871, Bitossi Ceramiche continues today in a tradition that, itself, started in Montelupo Fiorentino in 1500. Under the current-day art direction of Aldo Londi, Bitossi still produces out of its original factory and continues to create unique, mesmerising collections. The vases, objets, carafes and bowls showing at LECLAIREUR’s PAD space take us on a tactile, moving journey through signature Bitossi pieces created over the past 40 years, many of them under the successful collaboration of Londi and architect Ettore Sottass.

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Design is, according to Ben Storms, meant to create a sensation such that the spectator briefly loses balance. It must be captivating, not only through its form, but also through its function and construction. Ben Storms is a man of his word. Winner of the 2015 Henry Van de Velde prize, Storms’ InVein trestle table marries seemingly contrasted materials to striking effect, simultaneously embodying the solidity of marble, the glamour of a mirrored underside and the mobility of the trestle structure. The InHale coffee table, composed of a massive marble block atop an inflated metal cushion, communicates an equally compelling, almost bewitching, paradox of airy solidity and rugged shimmer.

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PTV334X-plate-TV-3341-1920x1200 copy



Painter, sculptor, interior decorator, engraver of art books, creator of more that 11,000 items, deviser of sceneries ans costumes, an organizer of international exhibitions and events — Milanese Master Piero Fornasetti’s creativity knew no bounds. His production of objects and furniture, today overseen, elaborated, renewed and perpetuated by his son Barnaba, is among the most vast of the 20th century, and the main characteristics emanating from the œuvre weave a portrait of rigour, a strong imagination, and an elegant and mystical sense of humour. LECLAIREUR is honoured to host the world’s largest Fornasetti collection, and to present at PAD the delightful wall plates Fornasetti is perhaps most well-known for.

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SNIPER BRONZE015_0015 copy

SNIPER BRONZE002_0002 copy

DAVID ADJAYE for Sawaya & Moroni

Created by renowned architect David Adjaye for the daring conceptual design house Sawaya & Moroni, the Sniper Dining Table’s round top and three supporting, sloping legs have been cast in bronze and treated to a high polish. Produced in a numbered, limited edition series, this table’s form and material (use as well as treatment) intentionally transform its functional vocation and everyday use from a simple piece of furniture, into a sculpture, a work of art.

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After taking over his father’s leather company with his brother Willy, Walter Knoll eventually founded his own modern design firm in the late 1920s, which subsequently became (and remains) amongst the most important references in modern furniture design. The Knoll sofa, a four-seater produced in the 1960s, carries classic Knoll traits — fine leather, beckoning lines and wonderfully stand-out head and arm rests. Thanks to its pillars of innovation, visionary creation and the fostering of young talent, vintage Knoll — and this sofa in particular — remains timeless.

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