TOBIAS WISTISEN – Rising in Odin’s Footsteps

From his Danish childhood, Tobias Wistisen inherited his rigor, his strength, and a love for craftsmanship, as well as a certain rough quality. All qualities perfectly suited for the strict rules of Haute Couture. Moreover, the young designer has combined them successfully with his passion for theatrical sets, a passion Wistisen learnt by the side of John Galliano, his first mentor.



Tobias Wistisen jewelry

Tobias Wistisen creates jewels that look like him: dark, inspired and fiercely masculine. He likes Nordic mythology symbols, cherished since his childhood bedtime books, especially those pertaining to Death. And while his rings, forged like Thor’s own, his bracelets and raw necklaces tell stories that bring to life shields, chivalry, knighthoods, horsehairs floating to the wind and besieged fortresses, they also conjure up the future. A future Wistisen imagines as harsh as a return to our primitive world, an initiation journey into a Madmax scenery.
Each piece is unique, totally hand-crafted, perfected a hundred times over and inspired by a land of legends. Each bears the imprints of his palm and tools.LECLAIREUR-TOBIASWISTISEN-05

Tobias Wistisen has swapped his childhood tin and tombac for precious silver that he sometimes mixes with leather, or wood, even. All materials are worked and polished for an antique feel, and engraved like runes. Each piece completes the following one, like the pages of a book that will never end: a raw silver bracelet with the wall of a mysterious cliff to climb; another, leather-braided with tiny skulls hidden in ambush; chain links that will never break… Materials mixed together, interfering with each other, dancing to a glimpse of eternity.

Jewels wrought by Tobias Wistisen are available at LECLAIREUR.