Map Of The Heart – Headed for the heart

The ways to the heart might be countless, they still ask that we show experience and courage before giving up their secrets. With Map Of The Heart, Australian director Jeffrey Darling and emotionally-inspired Sarah Blair invite us to explore the underlying dimensions of the heart. The Australian couple have endured a long artistic relationship, mixing writing, design and movie-making. With the help of experienced talents, they’ve succeeded in tracing a singular cartography of the heart.




Five fragrances, five journeys, five tracks to follow. While each scent is signed by the French perfumer Jacques Huclier, Darling and Blair asked Pierre Dinand (Vera Wang, Dolce Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent) to design the flacon itself, a one-of-a-kind bottle, in the size and shape of a heart. The sculpted, veiny and soft glass unleashes a troubling feeling when held in one’s hand.


Feel the heart beat as the instincts awake : smell, imagine, observe as complex images pass before the eyes. Black Heart, the smoky sweetness of a forest in flames, boasting with strong personality, bows down to a softer, fascinating eucalyptus. Clear Heart’s light touch seeks the saltness and warmth of the skin in the Summer sun. Gold Heart reminisces of maternal milk, nursed with spicy cinnamon. Red Heart, sensual and torrid, is bright and utterly feminine. Purple Heart opens up to light-hearted cherry blossom, twisted with hint of rose.

Like different stories headed in the same direction, these five Map Of The Heart fragrances lead exclusively to LECLAIREUR.