LECLAIREUR x Ducasse – An immoderate passion for Girolles

It’s time to engage in our third and penultimate exceptional cooking class. Thursday, June 9, the podium will shine with a “woodland princess” – the girolle mushroom – a culinary rapture for all refined palates.

The girolle mushroom is a master in the art of playing hard to get, behind a veil of dual identity and mystery. Sometimes named chanterelle, this mushroom blooms with May’s soft glow, but reserves its true arising in full-summer, following the warm and unforeseen rains. Its soft and subtle aroma makes for one of the most sought-after mushrooms in the hearts of connoisseurs and chefs. Unanimously cherished, the girolle counts as many varieties as there are trees for it to hide under. Only the most audacious seekers will spot its Miyake-pleated bright yellow coat beneath the fallen leaves. This mouth-watering, velvety, almost honey-dipped, golden gem echoes perfectly its uniquely fruity subtle taste. Once cooked, the gourmet texture, both solid and supple, turns into a crisp, almost crunchy delight. An effortless wonder in its right, the girolle takes pride – when dressed in tagliatelles or risotto – on accompanying white meats or noble fishes to the wonder. Treat yourself to an exquisite double-date with the girolle and Julien Mercier – Alain Ducasse’s executive chef himself – to discover its refined charm in LECLAIREUR Hérold’s very own and spectacular NO NAME Kitchen Manufacture.