London-trained, Brazil-native shoe designer Diego Vanassibara has been infusing his creations with his multicultural background. His skillful work blends naturalness and multi-ethnic identity with masculine refinement. diego-vanassibara-by-henrietta-garnham-3

Inspired by classical footwear, the Vanassibara shoe is anything but.
Brogue shoes with heavy cleated soles, topped with hand-carved mahogany or rosewood, feather coated or perforated leather loafers, graphic thick soles: the designer has been distilling edge in men footwear one step at a time.


From exotic wood to iridescent feathers, nature’s perfect echoes look great on the modern man’s feet, a testament to Vanassibara’s main inspiration. So much so, he’s made a point of presenting his collections, throughout the world, in very elemental settings. His 2015 Spring/Summer collection came across see-through branches and around actual tree trunks, like fallen leaves swirling around the pillars that once held them.
“The Crying Forest”, a stand-out installation with heart and purpose, came as an answer to Diego Vanassibara’s willingness to raise eco-awareness: his stabbed trees – addressing the dangers of deforestation – stood tall, surrounded by a native Brazilian culture inspired collection – embodying the populations who depend on the Forest.

These handmade footwear collections, crafted for the modern man are just what is needed to twist your classical wardrobe, range from a casual black low-boot to a vibrant turquoise-hinted brogue, complete with slick slip-on derbies.


Heed the call of nature in Diego Vanassibara at LECLAIREUR Boissy d’Anglas and Champs Elysées.