Dancing in the streets

A modern dandy who knows no frontier; an explorer of the asphalt. Reconnecting with his freedom of movement, he exults – basking in the sun.

Moving from shadow to light, from momentum to motion, the sun shines a little more, a little brighter every day. Through the streets of Paris, waiting for the next plane, he stirs up his senses.

The city is finally ours, and inspiration reclaims its proper rights. Gracefully taking every byway he finds, the modern dandy steps out of his axis and into the morning light. A coat might be overwhelming but, don’t fret, he’s found the perfect dance partner: destructured by Ziggy Chen’s hand, made graphic by Kolor, all dressed up in Blue Blue Japan, or reinvented by Greg Lauren and his limited edition Shigoto, the jacket flips over, slips on, lets the wind blow in and the body dance out through these streets of opportunities.



Paul-Frédéric wears a Christopher Nemeth shirt, and Haider Ackermann pants.



Paul-Frédéric wears a Ziggy Chen jacket, on a Gilda Midani t-shirt.


Paul-Frédéric wears a Kolor jacket.



Paul-Frédéric wears a Blue Blue Japan coat.


Paul-Frédéric wears the limited edition Shigoto jacket by Greg Lauren.