LECLAIREUR’s Dream Factory: The Dreams

More about Clément Bataille:
After parallel studies in business and art history, Clément collaborated on a research thesis for the Musée International des Arts Modestes, during which time he was inspired to take his own art public and make illustration his profession of choice. Today, Clément’s visual language has become a singular voice, with which he enamors icons, confronts day-to-day life with myths and legends, hosts monsters in black boxes, puts skin to paper, and infuses ink with his dreams.


The layers of winter’s armour are (thankfully!) falling away and the Earth’s skin re-emerging. Perched atop a feminine tower of power, our imagination soars. We gaze out, already inspired to conjure up the next great adventure, the rising pink mist keeping us warm and giddy until the thaw. Oh Spring. We see you comin’!


Dream #7
Brrrrr. As the grey winter draws to a close, who isn’t dreaming of letting it all go and jetting off to warmer climes? An island. A disco on the beach. A safari. The Savannah. An up close moment with the wild. Or simply reconnecting with the wild inside…
Break out your sun-goggles and indulge in your fantasies, Friend — Springtime is just around the bend.
Fantastically, exotically, sincerely yours,


Dream #6
Valentine’s Day is around the bend, and winter storms of all sorts and at all stages are running around the northern hemisphere, putting us deeply in the mood for the heat of L.O.V.E. The tension, the weak knees, the meeting of two hearts, the intimacy and of course, the victory. This Valentine’s Day, turn on your inner love light, and let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.


Dream #5
Around the world in a day, a week, a month! People across the globe are donning their masks and costumes, running to join the parade. With images of the legendary madness made in New Orleans, Rio or Venice in our minds, we’re feeling the Pagan call to celebrate life’s natural and joyful cycle.


Dream #4
We’re in the mood for snow.
We’re in the mood for snow flakes caught on the tips of our inner child tongues.
We’re in the mood for snow battles, snow games, snow angels, snow dreams.
We want to snow play all day.


Dream #3
Here in Paris, Men’s Fashion Week is upon us, just as temps have dropped below zero. Oh man. Or Men, as it were. Maybe you’ve felt the air bristling with a bit of rugged adventure? Or tapped your inner dandy to take yourself out in style? One thing we’re noticing, and we don’t think it’s the weather — menswear has hit its stride, and boots are the new sneakers.


Dream #2
King or Queen for a day? Anyone can reign during the month of the Epiphany with a galette des rois — find the feve, and you are crowned, Your Highness.


Dream #1
Introducing our weekly escapade into LECLAIREUR’s Dream Factory.
When LECLAIREUR came across his intriguing, shape-shifting world, Clément Bataille already had scores of personal pieces for us to peruse. It quickly became obvious that, pen and brush in hand, he was an artist to whom we could entrust the mission of visually communicating the fantasy, dreams and joy we aim to impart to friends of LECLAIREUR around the world.
The Dream Factory is the first illustration of our series. We’re excited to share it, and the many more to come, with you.