Julien Benhamou


Julien Benhamou loves the human body and loves movement, as well as the body in movement and its language within the frame.
When stumbling upon the unique bond between a photographer and his subject, his first camera in hand, Benhamou is but a teenager His focus on portraits leads him, a few years later, in 2007, to realize a dance project. « Danseurs de l’Opéra de Paris » (« Dancers of Paris Opéra ») sees one of the official photographers of the Opéra crossing paths with such greats as Marie-Claude Pietragalla or Benjamin Millepied, Mathilde Froustey and François Alu with whom he shot a special series for LECLAIREUR.



His sharp point of view and refined eye allow the photographer to freeze – in space and time – the particular moment when the body enhances its natural beauty to become more than a body, like a piece of art, a modern sculpture experiencing its own dynamic within the frame. He often defies the rules of gravity and – always – creates moments that breathe magic.