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Le Royal Eclaireur

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New­born of the six spaces of the Parisian brand, the Royal Eclaireur ows its name from the Palace where it is located : the Royal Mon­ceau. It also ows its iden­tity from the designer who cre­ated it : Philippe Starck, in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Armand Hadida, cre­ator of l’Eclaireur. How pres­ti­gious names for this unique space, imag­ined like the suite of an hotel, com­fort­able, spa­cious, refined. Art, dec­o­ra­tion, design, but also a fash­ion­able selec­tion in the inno­vat­ing line of l’Eclaireur’s mixed uni­verses, the Royal Eclaireur decides to drive the expe­ri­ence a lit­tle further …


39/41, avenue Hoche
75008 Paris

Open from Monday to Saturday 11am to 7pm

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