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Milia M

Milia M was born and brought up in Beirut but chose Paris to study fash­ion design. After hav­ing worked as lin­gerie designer, she returned to Beirut to set up her own stu­dio where she launched her first col­lec­tion in 1999. Since then, milia m has been pro­duc­ing two col­lec­tions a year and sells all over the world.
Bal­anced between sobri­ety and joy, milia’s col­lec­tions per­fectly encap­su­late the designer’s spirit. Her cloth­ing is exu­ber­ant, roman­tic and mod­ern, with just a hint of Mid­dle East­ern mys­tery. Softly fem­i­nine, milia m’s designs are essays in sub­tle seduc­tion. They wrap the body in an inter­play of trans­paren­cies, folds and open­ings that sen­su­ously sug­gest more than they actu­ally reveal.
Adept at the art of the body-hugging cut, milia m invites atten­tion through her deft use of imag­i­na­tive details, which simul­ta­ne­ously heighten antic­i­pa­tion and sub­vert expec­ta­tions of familiarity.

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