About Toogood

Toogood … to be true? No joke!
This family name, not even a pseudonym, belongs to two sisters from London. Faye and Erica, are obsessive about clothing, and about the very core purpose of each piece — especially coats. The traditional types that have real meaning, an identity and a goal, designed for workers throughout all time.
The professional fusion between the two sisters commenced three years ago with the complementary, intricate mix of Faye’s mastery of design and volume, and Erica’s precision as a pattern-cutter for Couture and theater.
Ahead of our times yet time-less, sculptural and unisex, Toogood pieces fit every gender, every style, every age. With them we follow the doorman, the photographer, the beekeeper… Their collection is all hues of black or white, their silhouettes cut from precious and raw fabrics. The result? The clothing alone is what counts for them. Choosing to stay away from seasonal collections, the sisters create at a rhythm that makes sense for them, free of what they once considered constraint. Their latest « collection » tells us an age-old story of raw materials, with sandstones, firewood, ivory buttons. Toogood: Really!