Philippe Starck

A Man with a Vision

For leading figure of “democratic design” Philippe Starck, creation is to be accessible and thought for the greater number.

Born in Paris in 1949, Philippe Starck is a designer, an interior designer and an architect.
Born the son of a famous aeronautic engineer, his interest for industrial drawing and design starts at a young age. At his father’s side, watching him work, he receives a somewhat empirical education.
He’s only 17 when his inflatable sculptures are displayed at the Grand Palais. In 1979, he creates the Starck Product company, which will become Ubik, a few years later. Prestigious names promptly fill his order book. In 1983, the Elysée commissions him with the renovation of the private presidential apartments, and he reinvents the interior design of the Café Costes. In 2010, he’s handed the keys to the Royal Monceau palace for an exemplary make-over, simultaneously handling the creation of Le Royal LECLAIREUR with Martine & Armand Hadida.

Doted with an insatiable and creative mind, Philippe Starck has spent the last decades reinterpreting in his own peculiar way the daily objects of our lives. juicers, Driade chairs, Louis Ghost, toys, furniture, Baccarat ceiling lights, yachts, wifi boxes: nothing escapes him for long. He’s even planned ahead what our trips to space will look like.
With more that 10,000 creations on his roster, his approach and his name resonate across the globe.
In September 2016, a perfume line joins the long list of the designer’s accomplishments, helmed by Starck Paris, with an exclusive launch at LECLAIREUR.