Philippe Di Méo

Sweet dreams are made of this

Philippe Di Méo’s heart and soul are dedicated to oneiric symbolics and fantasies. Born in Marseille, he studied at the Aix-en-Provence Fine Arts school, before training in industrial design. After his graduation, in 1989, he founded his own agency, dedicating his work to luxury items and using his creative talent to instill his unique touch on everything he approached: perfume, gastronomy, design, jewelry. The designer has earned his reputation cultivating his taste for the sharp, the niche, the exceptional.
Heeding the increasingly loud call of the perfumery world, Di Méo created a fragrance line named Liquides Imaginaires, which features, so far, notable trilogies: les Eaux-delà (Waters from beyond), les Eaux Sanguines (Bloody waters) and les Eaux Arborantes (Wooden waters). His original trilogy set the pace early on: Sancti (the blessed one), Fortis (the strong one), and Tumultu (the stormy one) were already true invitations to explore his sanctified universe.
The same applies to his candles: “Fortis” and “Peau de Bête” are both inspired by eponymous perfumes.
Get ready to travel.