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Midnight Methods

The garments are simple and functional with t-shirts and dresses with soft slub fabrics and innovative cuts.
Graphics are about midnight and the shifty ways of doing things after that time. Midnight comes with specific methods. Alternative ways of playing the game.

The Spring/Summer 2016 collection is a playful approach to high-end fashion with Tshirts and dresses embellished by quirky prints.
The fabric is based on washed raw coton, in indigo blue, off black, off white and kaki.
This season 00:00:MM is offering an alternative vision of urban camouflages to protect the global dwellers in their concrete jungle. A vestiaire that empowers today’s youth, for whom the world is a playground.
We represent the midnighters, marauders, club heads and nocturnal beasts through our iconic symbol, the Eclipse. The frontier between night&day, where reality blurs and pure energy blossoms.
Also translated in a series of unique and limited edition mashed-up tee shirts, reconstructed from past seasons. Chaotic asymmetry, overlock stitching and crazy visuals are the motto. First come first served.

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