Mathieu Miljavac

Death becomes him

Taxidermy used to transcend reality and magnify the ordinary. Movement hold in space and time, forever frozen.

Mathieu Miljavac is a French artist using taxidermy to exalt animal’s natural beauty, and to question the relationship we have with them. The bird is central, pigeons mostly, spread wings in an everlasting suspended breakout.

After 20 years spent into diverse creative domains – from fashion to floral design, including haute-couture and embroidery – he turns to taxidermy in 2010. Studying alongside the renowned Scottish taxidermist George Jamieson, before seeing his work being shown at LECLAIREUR, and the Da-End gallery in Paris. In 2014, he is the first taxidermy artist to be presented in the history of the Arts Décoratifs museum in Paris. Less than a year later, AF Vandervorst commissions an installation for its Antwerp flagship.

Mathieu Miljavac’s installations are on display LECLAIREUR Hérold.