Massimiliano Locatelli

Nature is Artspecciodivenere02

Massimiliano Locatelli studied architecture in Milan and Dublin, before moving to New York in order to pursue a Ph. D. at Columbia University, counting acclaimed architect Kenneth Frampton as his teacher.
In 1993, aged 25, he opens his own architecture studio, CLS Architetti, in association with Annamaria Scevola and Giovanna Cornelio.
His strong interest in design came naturally, as an obvious extension of architecture.
The Italian architect and designer creates bespoke furniture, among which tables, chairs and dishes. Locatelli’s work brings together traditional elements and modern materials. Franca Sozzani – Vogue Italia editor – and Viktor & Rolf, to name a few, are fans.

LECLAIREUR is thrilled to present the designer’s Specchio di Venere glass dining table. Created in association with Glass, the piece symbolizes Locatelli’s signature organic esthetic, which underlines the link between Creation and Nature.specciodivenere01