Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela is a French fashion house founded in Paris in 1988 by Belgian designer Martin Margiela. Mysterious and unconventional, a radical core intertwined with a non-standard elegance, Maison Margiela reveals creative and mysterious tales of sartorial tailoring, reinvention and deconstruction. Since 2015, the Maison thrives under the guidance of Creative Director John Galliano. He reveals a “strange new beauty”, marrying his own romantic vision with the language of the house of Margiela.


The imprint is laid. Maison Margiela considers garments touched by the patina of time, as archetypes are refracted through a whitewashed mirror. Antique technology is reverse-engineered beneath a soft filter to collide with rogue handicraft. Low-tech culture informs a rock ‘n’ roll outlaw spirit to explore a galactic, future beauty through our collective memory.
In sheaths and shells of glistening, filmic textile, spontaneous gestures clasp and suspend – disrupting the free- fall of drape and bonded structure. Outré intentions are planed with classical rigor, as brutal sculptured forms confront the demure tropes of femininity. Heirloom ornaments hide amongst wrapped and knotted flou, and movement reveals the bowerbird’s instinct mapped out in safety pin blooms.