Lee Breenan Design

Hand forged collection by the Australian Jewellery Designer  ~ L e e B r e n n a n ~
The progressive sculptural collections are as with all our designs focused around a reductive process, to nurture the unrefined beauty of the materials to the surface. Inspired by hand beaten artifacts, and the minimal (Wabi) philosophy that deeply connects with emotions experienced in the nobility of poor, humble, hand forged objects. This affection for the unpretentious is heightened by our love for imperfections, along with an attachment to the qualities evident in unfinished art or sculpture.
Our passion for timeless articles, worn and aged in ways only the combination of nature and time can produce is a great source of inspiration, giving each piece it’s own soul through absolute individuality and authenticity. It is our desire to create pieces which connect in the haunting historic way that would be felt when uncovering ancient / future treasure. Beaten, scorched and melted, the process in which the collection is forged is primitive and honest.
Our creative evolution has seen a direct contrast to the ideas of the unfinished. Showing deeply polished surfaces which create mysterious vacuums of light itself. A link to the idea of relics from the distant future , clean and reduced by the intention to harness elements yet unknown. Refracting light which remains forever invisible. The rich depths found in the darkness of the polished metals remain in constant shadow, playing an illusive communication between light and reflections.

Our 2016 / 17 collections are inspired greatly by form through sculpture and architecture, searching to discover ideas around minimalism. Particularly minimal calm in the Japanese sense of the philosophy, to nurture acts of simplicity or elimination of clutter. By expressing pieces in a plain, simple, natural manner often reminds us to think not in terms of decoration but in terms of clarity, a kind of clarity that may be achieved through omission or exclusion of the non-essential.Asymmetry or irregularity is used in the idea of controlling balance in a composition. Irregularity and asymmetry being a central tenet of the Zen aesthetic and is a dynamic experience that attracts and engages. To be beautiful by being understated, or by being precisely what it was meant to be and not elaborated upon in a direct and simple way.