Black is the warmest color

Tatsuo Horikawa founded Julius in Tokyo in 2001. The Japanese designer has drawn from gothic inspirations, and from various mediums and artworks, synthesized in his collections. He has based his creative palette on black, the everlasting color infused with spirituality and nobility.
Julius started as an artistic collaborative project, producing movies and performances for fashion shows. Three years later, the Japanese designer naturally shifted towards clothing, and presented a Spring/Summer collection before exhibiting the abstract artworks which had inspired him.

JuliusFall/Winter 2017 collection is light as a feather, with white and tertiary colors made pastel. Fundamentally urban, yet somewhat sporty, the collection toys with extreme volumes. Knitted sweaters lengthen to the knee, sleeves take on another dimension, covering hands, opened by zippers or puffed up on the wrist.