John E. Burdick

Academic mastery

Born in 1872, American sculptor John E Burdick attended Norwich Art School in Vermont, before expanding his knowledge in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, France and Italy.

He spent 17 years working under the tutelage of J. Massey Rhind, and assisted him in the creation of a model for George Washington’s equestrian statue in Newark, New Jersey.
Later, he imagined a carved plaster plaque series depicting seasonal sports – baseball, hockey and gymnastics – which brought him notable fame.

Amongst his creations are a violin and an upright bass (1932) in aluminum, the latter being recently featured in an exclusive photoshoot by Jean-Daniel Lorieux for LECLAIREUR, which took place on the roof of the Parisian Hotel Intercontinental.

The upright bass in aluminium is available at LECLAIREUR Boissy d’Anglas.