Jimi Roos

Swedish born, Italian trained Jimi Roos creates bespoke T-shirts for private clients and a small selection of stores. Having worked with many distinguished local artisans, he has a wide range of experience using different stitching techniques and fabrics which he often experiments with in his work making each piece totally unique.

“Wrong Stitching”

The concept of “wrong stitching” was born in a mistake, a stitch presented in reverse that most people would dismiss as wrong, yet in Jimi’s hands was transformed into a strong visual identity. The technique has been refined and perfected through “tampering” of the sewing machine used to make every Jimi Roos T-shirt to allow precise adjustment of the tension of the wire. Every stitch is therefore performed slightly differently, creating the homemade flavour that distinguishes the entire collection.

This technique results in the variety of surprising contrasts found in every T-shirt: the embroidery can be vary in size from tiny dots all the way up to totally filling a surface, without ever losing the lightness and softness that characterize it. The intricacy of the embroidery enhances the originality of the designs, making them three-dimensional and creating interesting contrasts between “empty” and “full” colour.

All the materials are 100% made and produced in Italy (with Italian cotton thread used for embroidery) from designs that Jimi realizes in his workshop in Florence. 


Sailors, seagulls and shoals of fish flood the Jimi Roos Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Signature artisanal embroidery techniques are applied to a panoramic ocean view with an 80’s vibe. Jimi’ sailors are modern vagabonds who show their stripes in classic tees and shirts which embody the designer’s easy going, pared down aesthetic. A colourful mix of characters from the deep is portrayed in Jimi’s sweet, unique and tongue in cheek style that combines skilled stitching techniques with a truly original aesthetic. Don’t miss the designer’s very own little mermaid who’ll be a delight for modern sailors and get you in the mood for a summer under the sea.