Isaac Sellam

Dream a little dream of leather

Isaac Sellam created his brand in 2002. Skin to skin, his favorite material has always been leather. His immediately identifiable signature are staples he keeps on reinventing in every collection. Used in a decorative way but also as a construction medium, he’s been applying them on sleeves, and in the back of his renowned jackets as a futuristic spine.
Starting with a childhood dream, Isaac Sellam created a complete and unique universe revolving around creation. At only 16 years old, he imagined and sewed his first jacket in his parent’s kitchen.
He then spent fifteen years testing, studying tanning leather, becoming a genuine expert in the field. Curious and versatile, he oversees every detail of each creation, producing small quantities in his Parisian studio. Far from intellectualizing fashion, Sellam has been creating with his guts and likes, resulting in surprising, innovative and timeless pieces.

Isaac Sellam created three pieces for Shigoto Project.