Andy Henson Brent Gold began working together on ‘Henson’ in 2009 out of a small studio in Biondi Beach, Sydney.
The play with notions of beuaty and the idea that someting untraditional and unconstrained can be coveted and therefore become beautiful. Their creations are organic and raw and aggressive and often speak of different times, places and cultures.
The Handmade Philoophy is something at the core of their craft. Chains are hand rolled, Silver is hand carved, beaten and worked into shape and patina’s are applied to age and give the pieces a sense of timelessness. Rare and sometimes exotic materials will also feature in Henson pieces – from Stringray and Kangaroo leathers to fossilized Mammoth Bones, Horn and Antique Shell.

Described as having “a highly conceptual and detailed approach to design”, they will often leave”traces” of themselves on each piece. Hammer and file marks on the jewellery, scratch marks and raw edges on leathers. It is these little signatures that allow people to feel that the objjects have passed through human hands.