About DROMe
Expert matters
Leather can feel like a second skin, even going as far as to invite fur, for a warmer touch. DROMe is a brand that has chosen 2 of the most refined materials to create a modern, urban wardrobe that is as elegant as it is comfortable. These qualities, which might come off as contradictory, make complete sense once you have a look at the pieces. Cuts run on the sober side, yet their unexpected feel is what makes them unique. DROMe leather is incredibly thin and soft, and with its laser-cut details, it opens the doors wide to a diurnal and nocturnal wardrobe.
Italian Ferrero Rosati, DROMe’s designer, loves leather, and his touch is reminiscent of his father’s, a bread-lover and baker, whose caring craftsmanship had his customers raving. The son inherited the same tactile relationship, with leather in his case, pushing him to explore new sensorial paths in the use of skins, including python’s, known for its most refined  thickness. Soon enough, his remarkable approach convinced fashion’s most famous names to work with him. Giorgio Armani, Versace, Gianfranco Ferré and Jil Sander trust him for that very, and absolute, expertise.
DROMe new collection – 2016 
Ferrero Rosati likes colors almost as much he masters leather: he dyes his skins as easily as if it was ordinary cotton. And yet! For this latest season, DROMe emerges with a collection with dancing fluid lines, that exudes happiness. The wardrobe is complete, ranging from shorts to deconstructed short or long wrap skirts, and with ankle trousers and 3/4 length coats: let your skin breathe freely in DROMe’s Summer leathers!