By Walid

About By Walid

By Walid, or the Art of precious material recycling
Walid Damirji thinks, draws, cuts and embroiders his garments as though they might live forever. “I dislike the circle of disposable fashion. My pieces are for people who have moved beyond that” says Damirji. Even more so, his pieces are for people who have Style. By Walid collections include a small range of very special silhouettes, handcrafted from antique, vintage and ethnic textiles, which range from 19th century paisleys and 1920s chinoiserie shawls to French cotton crochet, beautifully worn linen, silk tulle, leather and recycled furs. Damirji gives all these soft treasures a second life, mixing them like patchwork to create coats that convey Old School chic and unique style.