Arik Levy

Modern deconstruction

Arik Levy and Gaia & Gino have united their talents to reimagine, deconstruct and find new ways of apprehending shapes.

Founded in 2004, Gaia & Gino is a Turkish label specialized in peculiar concept interior accessories. Time Magazine hailed their work in their « Best of » listings in 2005 and 2008. On the watch for this generation’s most creative brains, Gaia & Gino keeps good company by collaborating with, notably, Jaime Hayon, Andrée Putman, Yves Béhar or, yes, Arik Levy.

Levy graduated in industrial design in 1991 from the European Art Center in Switzerland. The Israeli-born creative mind quickly built a name for himself both as an artist and a designer. His ROCK PIECES sculptures, perhaps his most famous ones, can be seen in galleries and museums throughout the world.

With Gaia & Gino, he’s imagined a constellation-like fruit basket, complex translucent vases or asymmetric candelabras, toying with vertical and horizontal lines.