Fashion 2.0

Founded in 2003 by 27-year-old Kunihiko Morinaga, ANREALAGE unites clothing, art, design, architecture, and technology.
A couple years were all it took for the designer to earn the Avant-Garde “GenArt” Prize in New-York, saluting upcoming talents.The following year ANREALAGE hit the runway for the first time, from the Tokyo Tower, 150 meters above the ground.
With “a real, unreal age” in mind, Morinaga imagines structured playful and uniquely detailed pieces, just like textile architecture. ANREALAGE crosses paths between technicity and beauty, technology and poesy, always impactful. The use of photosensitive fabrics in their Spring Summer 2016 show, where patterns would evolve depending the light hitting them, exemplifies that purpose.


ANREALAGE Fall/Winter 2016 

ANREALAGE’s Fall/Winter 2016 will only be broadcasted in black & white. Knits, jerseys, jacquards, flecked or patchwork, juxtaposing grey tints like so many pixels, creating patterns and shapes. A visual disruptor at heart, Morinaga imagines sheer patterns overlaying the same opaque ones, creating distortions and interferences wi each move