Aldo Londi / Ceramiche Bitossi

About Aldo Londi and the Ceramiche Bitossi

The Ceramiche Bitossi started producing in 1871, and established a distinct and identifiable voice in the early 1900’s, emerging from a ceramic tradition that had existed in Montelupo Fiorentino as early as 1500. It was under the artistic direction of Aldo Londi that the company met its worldwide success. Londi knew how to combine the demands of foreign markets with their new, modern taste. In the mid 1950’s, he began a close and decades-long collaboration with the architect Ettore Sottsass. Together they successfully created line after line, breaking the traditional codes of ceramics world. Since then, the Company forged new collaborations and create unique pieces with outstanding designers such as the House of Fornasetti, among others. The factory is still in Florence where it was first built — a wing of which has been turned into a museum — and the heirs of the family have  an archive of over 7000 historical works, documents and material related to Bitossi’s artistic ceramic production dating back to the beginning. In 2014, the Ceramiche Bitossi was officially named as member of the Registry of Italian Historical Companies.