PIERRE BONNEFILLE in Los Angeles – Meditations, the Solo Show.

It’s been a year of exciting, fruitful collaborations with Pierre Bonnefille. With the many opportunities we had to display the designer’s work, what began as a professional relationship has morphed into a close, trusting friendship.

It all started in London, before unfolding overseas in Dubai and, more recently, New York. Leclaireur’s team and Studio Bonnefille united their strengths to present, among other pieces, the Meditation Room, an installation – a sacred space, even – where the artwork and the light come to create, together, a room where time suspends its course.

Pierre Bonnefille - Bronze Paintings 61 copie

Interested in pursuing his journey across the American continent, it was only fitting that Bonnefille would turn to Leclaireur’s Los Angeles Residence.

The Maître d’Art is known for his unique approach to color and matter, as well as for the way he shapes and folds light in two dimensions. Inspired by his travels, by the landscapes he encounters, by nature and by life itself, the designer and artist uses his notes, sketches, watercolors and memories to translate both the moments, and the feelings born in those moments, into artworks he gives life to, months or years later, with such materials as mineral powder or carbon.

Pierre Bonnefille - Bronze Painting 82 ©Jacques Pépion

In his creative work, Pierre Bonnefille translates vibrations and textures, looking to transcend rules and norms, while addressing the infinity and immensity of life leading to the primitive feeling of freedom.

Inspired by the Japanese wrapping and folding tradition, the Furoshikis are infused with ritual meticulousness.

Pierre Bonnefille - Furoshiki carbone 6-60 x 79cm copie

The Bronze paintings can be received as reflections of light, that of the sun upon the surface of water, in heartwarming and soothing golden tones.

Pierre Bonnefille‘s solo show, under the title Meditations, is now visible on Leclaireur’s first and third floors, and displays a selection of Bronze Paintings, Bronze and Carbon Furoshikis, as well as unique furniture pieces from his Metamorphosis series. The exhibit – which features, bien-sûr, a new Meditation Room – will run from June 2 to August 31.