Paris Design Week 2016, a Journey to Creation

Design creates new worlds, new spaces, new objects. Constantly transcending the limits, designers ally craftsmanship and new technologies to reshape, not only our surrounding environment, but the way we interact with it.

Such is what LECLAIREUR believes. From its inception, Martine and Armand Hadida imagined more than stores per se; they imagined spaces meant to harbor an entire universe, surrounding fashion with design and architecture. Together, they created lifestyle destinations that would disrupt the boundaries between fashion and design, vintage and contemporary. Early collaborations with some of the greatest creative names, among which Arne Quinze and Philippe Starck, would give birth to a new kind of experience in the world of retail.





Decades later, the journey had naturally led LECLAIREUR to participate in the Paris Design Week. Both the Royal LECLAIREUR, having just renewed its design selection, and LECLAIREUR Hérold, with its recently enhanced kitchen, are featured on the event’s official map. One of the joys meant to brighten a fast-paced month of September.
Brace yourselves design lovers.


Piet Hein Eek




Aristide Najean

At the Royal LECLAIREUR we are proud to notably showcase two very unique Piet Hein Eek tables as well as, yes, another table, helmed by Paul Evans. With chairs by Piet Hein Eek and dreamy, oneiric Aristide Najean luminaries, LECLAIREUR’s take on what home can feel like, is complete. To top off the experience, check out Geoffrey Parker‘s boardgames and consider Undercover‘s giant Cherry piece as a token of our appreciation.




Behind its double doors, LECLAIREUR Hérold presents its newly installed kitchen, signed No Name Kitchen Manufacture. The space has become an inviting location for intimate gatherings and has even welcomes four exceptional Alain Ducasse School classes. Hovering intensely above the overall installation, Blackbody’s spectacular luminary sheds just the right light. Contemporary constellations above the dining table? Yes, please.


Massimilio Locatelli

And as an added bonus, for the more adventurous amongst us, LECLAIREUR Boissy d’Anglas offers in plain view the extraordinary Glass and Massimilio Locatelli “Speccio di Venere” tables. Like liquid silver. And let’s seize the opportunity to discover or rediscover the largest collection in Europe of Fornasetti designs.
To conclude a perfect week, let’s bask in the unique take of Ben Storms on marble: a version of In Vein — winner of the 2015 Henry Van de Velde Prize and of the 2016 PAD Paris Award for Contemporary Design winner – is now available, in its three-meter long format.

Happy Design Week to All,