LECLAIREUR + FORNASETTI — Let there be L’Eclaireuse.

For over 30 years, Fornasetti and LECLAIREUR have woven a close, collaborative relationship. Together, they’ve created more than just a scented candle. L’Eclaireuse is a true collector’s item.

LECLAIREUR loves perfume — the kind you wear of course, but also the kind you choose to scent your home. For years, Martine and Armand Hadida have been rigorously selecting the most beautiful and precious scented candles for clients of LECLAIREUR. Whether offering Cire Trudon’s candles, for instance, well before Trudon’s resurgence amidst candle-loving circles, or attentively assembling a wide selection of their favorites — Frédéric Malle, Fornasetti, Mad et Len and Parfums de Marly to name a few, LECLAIREUR has contributed to the rapid transformation of home scents from a niche market to what has since become a cultural olfactory movement.


Over time, the couple’s passion for the most precious candles and scents has grown. Their encounter with Christian Astuguevieille, nose and creative director, sparked a new collaboration, a series of unique, iconic, collectable and limited editions. Calling out to our deepest selves and imbibing signature scents such as Ink, Grass, Liquorice, Absinthe and Orange Flower, these burning scents – regressive, unexpected, intimate – embarked our senses on travels through the heart of time.

Today, the 30-year-long friendship between the Hadida couple and the House of Fornasetti, whose decorative objects drive collectors wild, has given birth to L’Eclaireuse. Created by perfumer Robertet, laced with patchouli, cedar and sandalwood, and notes of cypress, laurier, incense and geranium, it already feels like a classic, yet is infused by movement and ripe for reinvention. L’Eclaireuse captivates the imagination, evokes insolence and awakens souvenirs. Just what our long Winter nights need.

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