Your artistic work revolves around engineering.

I studied Aeronautic engineering in Tokyo. It quickly became a passion. So much so that it infiltrated everything I did very early on. Even as a student. I used to play the trumpet in a jazz band, and I was always looking for ways to bring technology into my music performances. I’ve even created an airship with LED lights that respond to music. It was both technologic and artistic.

How did it all start?

I wrote a paper on artificial intelligence, that got me to be my promotion’s valedictorian, before moving to London, 6 years ago, where I got my PHD in « Innovation, design, engineering ». My work questions rhythm’s pulse, and rhythmic motion. I wanted to bring kinetic into design. I created ten different projects for this thesis. This bubble table is one of them.


What was your inspiration?

I was always busy experimenting with bubbles, which I find fascinating. One day, I just stuck a straw in white paint and blew out and into it. I found it terrific so I began testing a lot of different liquid combinations.


There is also a lot of poetry in your work…

Absolutely, everything starts with Nature as true inspiration,before using technology as an means of expression.

How did you meet Armand Hadida?

Armand found me in Milan. He liked my work and we met several times after that. I’ve already been to LECLAIREUR Boissy d’Anglas and LECLAIREUR Hérold. I love those places, how good I feel there.


What do you think of the London and Paris Design scenes?

Interestingly, a lot of the people interested in my work are French. Even in London and Milan, the people I deal with, are actually French. It’s great. I’m in France once a month now.

What are your next plans ?

I’m headed to Milan next year, for an installation. I already sell pieces, so it’s all about being able to develop the Studio. I’m just busy working, I’ve got a smaller model of this table, a lighting installation, a chandelier, and an helium balance which was a school project for music events.